Shigeaki Kato to Release 3rd Novel


It was announced that NEWS‘s Shigeaki Kato will release his third novel titled: “Burn.-バーン-“. The said novel will be release in March 24th.

After “Pink to Gray” (2012) and “Senko Scramble’ (2013), “Burn” will also be set in Shibuya that tells the story of a gifted actor who has lost his heart in acting. Afterwards, he will meet a mysterious man and a drag queen in Miyashita Park where he will learn the other meaning of “family”. “Instead of blood ties, I wanted to present a family form from the heart,” Shigeaki commented. He also added that the lead character is similar to his younger self after he entered Johnny’s and has met different people.

The novel was completed last Jan 2nd with 439 pages in total. Although Shigeaki didn’t plan to write a third novel, his current novel will be a culmination of his past two works.

Burn.-バーン-” will be released on Mar 24th.

jnews1, Sanspo, Sponichi Annex, and Hochi Yomiuri

Omedatou Shige!!!

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