Kamenashi Kazuya and Kiyohara Kazuhiro Battles it Out in Baseball


Yet another news wherein Kame was able to live his baseball dreams in his own alternate universe…

As reported,


Last Jan 5th, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya attended KIRIN‘s “5th Nodogoshi Yume no Dreams / Dream of Dreams vs All Stars ” at Tokyo Dome. Kamenashi pitched during the last round of the special match against former Giant’s Kiyohara Kazuhiro. The said face-off between Kamenashi (Yume no Dreams) vs. Kiyohara (Nodogoshi All Stars) was won by Kamenashi with a strike-out.

Kamenashi won his confrontation with Giant’s batter Kiyohara by pitching him with breaking balls. After the game, Kiyohara said that he was a bit disappointed, “I said that this is a serious match so I wonder is he became a bit coward by throwing breaking balls”. Kiyohara also provoked Kamenashi by saying, “Nomo* (Hideo) and Matsuzaka* (Daisuke) have fastballs matches against me”. Kamenashi admitted being “tense” upon seeing Kiyohara in larger-than-life that he promised that given another chance, he will only be pitching fastballs. Nonetheless, it has been a valuable experience for them and both exchanged firm handshakes.

Though Kamenashi won his confrontation with Kiyohara, “Nodogoshi All-Stars” still won the game in the end.

Oricon Style and Mantan Web via Yahoo!Japan

*Nomo Hideo and Matsuzaka Daisuke are both professional baseball players.

Hmmm….I smell BITTER!

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4 thoughts on “Kamenashi Kazuya and Kiyohara Kazuhiro Battles it Out in Baseball

  1. I just love this guy…and knowing full well that he’s a great baseball player makes me love him more. how i wish i could see him play in live, but sadly, since we are oceans and million miles apart,i can do nothing but just dream of that moment.. Such an amazing actor, singer and sportsman…how i wish i can meet you someday Kazuya-baby…omedetto…daisuke, Kame-chan ❤


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