Kamenashi Kazuya to Star in a Spy Movie

It was announced that KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring a suspense movie titled “Joker Game” due for release next year.

The said movie will be Kamenashi’s first time to portray a spy; aside from having a military hair cut, the movie will be also film overseas where he will also shoot a blast scene.

“Joker Game” is based from a bestselling novel of the same title written by Koji Yanagi, which was awarded with Yoshikawa Eiji’s Prize for New Writers and the Mystery Writers of Japan Award.

“Joker Game” tells the story of a spy-training organization established on the eve of World War II with different spies from different countries engaging in a spy game. Kamenashi plays the role of Jiro Kato, an army officer who have an outstanding brain and physical ability. Just before Jiro receives a capital punishment for rebelling against military; he will be saved by a top-secret military organization- D Kikan– where he will be ordained as an intelligence agent.

Joining Kamenashi, are: Fukada Kyoko, a mysterious woman named Rin and Iseya Yusuke as Yuuki, the Lieutenant Colonel who scouted Jiro. This will the first time that the three will be working together.

Kamenashi will join the filming on the 6th where he will be groomed to look like a military cadet. “His image have considerably changed,” concerned persons commented. Aside from his looks, Kamenashi will also be taught on different gun models, how to assemble and dismantle a gun, and proper pronunciations in English and Chinese.

As mentioned earlier, the movie will be film overseas particularly in Singapore and Indonesia.

“Joker Game” will be release in 2015.

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6 thoughts on “Kamenashi Kazuya to Star in a Spy Movie

  1. Wow, great news for us. The new role of Kazuya Kuna. It’s cool.
    We love the singer and actor Kamenashi Kazuya! He’s very talented and outstanding actor. We are fascinated by his great game. For us it is good news that Kazuya Kamenashi in the new movie will be filmed.
    Adore it, Kazuya Kamenashi. Wonderful actor. Talented in everything.

    Our congratulations to him, please convey to him.

    With joy and look forward to his new movie.


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