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PLAYZONE Opens in Nissay Theater for its 1st Winter Run

Last Jan 8th, PLAYZONE had its opening run at Nissay Theater in Tokyo. Tackey&Tsubasa‘s Tsubasa Imai acted as the chairman for the 5th time together with NYC‘s Nakayama Yuma and Yara Tomoyuki.

“PLAYZONE”, which premiered in 1986 with Shonentai as the chairpersons, has been held every summer at Aoyama Theater in Tokyo. This is the first time that the said stage play defied tradition by staging it in winter.

In addition, Nakayama will be celebrating his “coming-of-age” birthday on Jan 13th. Tsubasa said that this is certainly an important year for Nakayama since it’s year* of the Horse (in Lunar calendar) though Nakayama joked that he has always been told that he looks like a fish.

*Yuma’s name in kanji has the character- “馬” – which is the same for uma (horse).

PLAYZONE in NISSAY will run until the 28th.

jnews1, Sanspo, and Hochi Yomiuri

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