[Review] Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP

Yet another murder-mystery drama to start-off Winter 2014; a novel adaptation, Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP is a combination of two different stories by Kishi Yusuke. Since there are two stories in one SP, expect more murder, more tricks, and more of Enomoto‘s ingenuity.

Here is a QUICK RECAP of Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP: Land of Mirrors.

Following Enomoto Kei‘s (Ohno Satoshi) disappearance to go on a world tour, The Serizawa Law Firm is having a blast winning cases left and right. Serizawa Gou (Sato Koichi) is most happy for the law firm is back to normal after a slew of locked room cases they had before. Aoto Junko (Toda Erika) goes on teasing Serizawa that he might be missing Enomoto after all. Serizawa is quick to deny Aoto’s allegations and says that he is not missing Enomoto’s attitude wherein he acts so full of himself once he finally solved the case.

Aoto then tells Serizawa that he has 2pm meeting with his client, Fujibayashi; she encourages him to leave early as there is heavy traffic.Serizawa arrives earlier than expected and notices a strange man lurking around the area. As there were no reply when Serizawa rang the doorbell at Fujibayashi’s villa, he decided to go back to his car and fell asleep sleep. He was awaken by Ikuko-san (Kuroko Hitomi), Fujibayashi’s niece, who arrives at exactly 2PM.

Upon entering Fujibayashi’s house, they were shock to see his dead body on the ground; blood seeping from his head and a golf club nearby that must have been used as a murder weapon.

Back at the office, Aoto is dealing with a different case of “locked room”. Instead of locked room murder, a katsujin (lifesaving) locked room happened in an elderly apartment. The elderly, Azasuma-san, is requesting Aoto’s help in finding the person responsible for saving his life after he had an heart attack one afternoon since he is planning to leave his life savings to the person who saved his life.

Back at Fujibayashi’s place, the case is ruled as a robbery-murder incident after an evidence reveals that the 2nd floor window has been tampered. Kouno Mitsuo (Ukaji Takashi) jokes that Serizawa looks disappointed that the case in not a locked room, to which Serizawa denies.

When asks what is he doing in the villa, Serizawa says that Fujibayashi is a client of his whose been consulting him regarding making a billion-Yen worth of paintings as a donation to a “Art Museum New Century”. The said paintings were part of his late wife’s collection.

Afterwards, Ikuko-san meets and asks Serizawa if they could hold-off the donations; she reasons that her uncle called her the day before saying that he is considering holding-off the donation. Serizawa, being Fujibayashi’s lawyer, cannot grant Ikuko’s request since he didn’t hear anything about it personally from Fujibayashi.

Because of Ikuko’s request to cancel the donations, Serizawa assumes that Ikuko must have plotted her uncle’s demise. After all, she’s the closest kin who could inherit the Fujibayashi’s fortune. Serizawa’s assumptions further strengthen when he was mysteriously pushed down the stairs after his meeting with Ikuko.

At the elderlies apartments, Aoto is interviewing other elderly tenants while Kohiyama Susumu (Okada Yoshinori), the apartment custodian, accompanies her. During her interview, she was also told about the series of soujima (cleaning) incidents that has been happening in the area. As Aoto went to one apartment and the other, Kohiyama excuses himself to attend to another visitor he is expecting, a security expert none other than- Enomoto!

With a renewed sense, Aoto involves Enomoto’s help in solving the latest “locked room katsujin” case inside Azasuma-san’s apartment. After checking on the locks, Enomoto concludes that the man who save Azasuma-san and the man behind the mysterious soujima incidents is none other than the apartment’s  custodian – Kohiyama.

Kohiyama breaks down and admits stealing from his elderly tenants, but he also admitted to one thing that leads to Enomoto’s involvement with the Serizawa and Aoto- the Fujibayashi incident.

Kohiyama retaliates how he found the old man dead after he breaks into his property. Talk about quick karma! Kohiyama admits touching Fujibayashi to check for pulse and even touching the murder weapon, the golf club. Interestingly enough, Kohiyama was at the murder scene long enough to notice that everything in the house in bolted lock, in short, a locked room murder case. Furthermore, he said that the reason he cleans every apartment he breaks-in is to erase any fingerprints he might leave behind. He begs Enomoto, being a lock expert that he is, to help him prove his innocence.

Since Enomoto is now involve, Aoto brings him to Serizawa Law Firm wherein an injured Serizawa asks him about his whereabouts. Not only Enomoto went on a world tour to collect antique locks, he now runs his own “security shop”.

With Kohiyama lock-up in jail until he clears his name from murder charges , Enomoto and Co. heads to Fujibayashi’s villa to investigate the truth about his death.

The truth, which will eventually lead to the murderer, who happens to be Hiramatsu Keiji (Sano Shiro), the art museum director. Yet, on the day that Enomoto and co. went Hiramatsu for questioning, another death occurs. The art museum director was found strangled on the floor of his office, a self-strangulation as evident by the suicide letter he left.

However, being keen to details, Enomoto sees a discrepancy in Hiramatsu’s suicide note. It was the words “sudden impulse to kill Fujibayashi” when Fujibayashi’s murder was obviously plan. While Enomoto believes that Hiramatsu did kill Fujibayashi, he is also sure that Hiramatsu was killed and masked it as suicide.

This turns the police to check the CCTV cameras in the museum on the night of Hiramatsu’s supposed “suicide”. While the cameras didn’t see anyone entering Hiramatsu’s office, there were only three people who stayed on the night of his death, two art assistants together with the artist- Inaba Toru (Fujiki Naohito).

How will Enomoto unlocked this one?


Just like what I did for my Kindaichi recap, I decided not to spoil everything because you’ll appreciate this drama more if you “crack” the case together with Enomoto. Anyway, I had a hard time making a recap because of sub-plots aside from the main plot. I was confused on how I can make my recap as short and simple as possible.

Anyway, while Enomoto is not my favorite guy to solve locked room murder mysteries, he is very original aside from being a sheer genius. The trio of Enomoto, Aoto, and Serizawa have been proven to be a perfect combination with each one of them complimenting each other. I love the seriousness of Enomoto, the wit of Aoto, and Serizawa providing the much-needed humor. In this particular SP, Aoto and Serizawa just showed me how cool and easy being a lawyer is; while Enomoto showed why geeks are much loved.

Ohno’s portrayal as Enomoto may not be flawless, but he handled the character with ease and he looked so natural in it. Toda’s role has been limited to asking follow-up questions while exchanging wisecracks with Serizawa, a far-cry from her gutsy persona in SPEC. Sorry, it’s just hard for me to separate them. XD. Sato as Serizawa is like tailor-made for him, he acted as natural as Enomoto.

With the other characters, Fujiki as Inaba may be insane but it’s hard to hate the guy, he gave-off contrasting emotions that you’ll find yourself leaning for him. Matsui Jurina as Serizawa’s secretary was given a mere 5-minutes (Okay, it wasn’t even 5 mins) screen time that as the drama ends, it made me wish that she has more lines or that her character will eventually give an impact at the end.

The case is so-so but the tricks used is genius especially in the first case (murder). For example, you are having second thoughts about killing someone, after you witness the tricks involved in first case; I’m sure that it will extinguish all desire to kill someone. I mean, taking someone else’s life might be easy (if you’ll disregard the mental and emotional baggage) but covering-up a crime is hard and in the first case, you’ll be thankful you didn’t kill anyone.

The first case took so much effort, in Enomoto’s case, 3 hours to do what the killer did to cover his tracks. I mean, really, is there an available handbook somewhere that teaches someone how to cover-up crimes in unusual ways. Speaking of unusual, the tricks involved in the 2nd case also involves as much as effort as the first one. But you gotta hand it to the killer, being an artist that he is, he also covered-up his crimes with the use of art of magic and illusions.

All in all, Kagi no Kakatta Heya SP is definitely worth the watch. It would be nice if you start with the drama but since the production did insert a drama summary in the beginning to familiarize yourself with the characters, it’s also okay.


Raw : tomapiya

Subs : earth colors

Screencaps : mine [taken by VLC]


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