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Imai Tsubasa’s Joins “Burn the Floor Dance with You” for 2nd Time

(c)burnthefloor Tsubasa's profile pic from Burn the Floor's website where he is listed as a "Cast Alumni"

Tsubasa’s profile pic from Burn the Floor’s website where he is listed as a “Cast Alumni”

Last Jan 21st, it was reported that Tackey&Tsuabasa‘s Imai Tsubasa will appear for the second time as a special guest dancer for Burn the Floor‘s Japan tour, titled as “Burn the Floor Dance with You“.


This is the second time that Imai received an invitation for the world-famous dance group since Dec 2012. Imai boasts superior dance skills in Johnny’s as he achieves his second “participation in war” in this global dance show. Imai is expected to show-off the results of his flamenco training in New York and Spain.

Burn the Floor’s artistic director, Jason Gilkison, says that he was impressed with Tsubasa during their last performance that he invited him again. For Imai, he looks forward to a new stimuli and learning experiences for his dancing career. He is also proud to be the only Japanese member of Burn the Floor.

“Burn the Floor Dance Company” is a dance company consisting of many top-class dancers. It is a stage which unites various genres, such as rock, pop and jazz; and charms spectators with dancing as the highlight. More than 420,000 people have been mobilized all over the world particularly in North America, Europe, Australia, and in Britain since it premiered in 1999.

Burn the Floor Dance With You” will run from May 2nd to 7th at Theater Orb in Tokyo followed by performances in Osaka and Nagoya.

For more details, check-out Burn the Floor’s wesbite, HERE.

Hochi Yomiuri and Sanspo

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