NEWS’ Tegoshi Yuya Reveals Dropping-Out from Waseda University

Okay, so we have another drop-out, this time it’s  Tegoshi who decided to make it public after 4 years….like, why?

As reported,

Last Mar 15 edition of Nikkan Sports‘ “Satruday Johnny’s” where NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya was featured, he revealed that he dropped-out of Waseda University last spring of 2010. Tegoshi entered Waseda last 2006 to major in Human Science where he has properly taken his course, he even studies even at work, until the toll began with his graduation exam. Tegoshi soon find it’s impossible to manage both work and taking his difficult graduation exam that even giving his 70% in both work and graduation exam is impossible.

Instead of taking a break from work to concentrate with his graduation exam, Tegoshi chose to give his 120% in being an idol since it has been his life. The university did say that Tegoshi can come back even after withdrawing as long as it will be approved by the school, but Tegoshi chose not to continue.

When Tegoshi entered the university last 2006, he was aiming to graduate in four years and when it did not happen, it became his source of frustration. He could have taken a break from school that 2010 but it was also a hard year for NEWS that he did not have the time to think or ponder his decision. Nevertheless, Tegoshi didn’t regret his decision back then.


I’m not judging Tegoshi but as 2010 was a hard year for NEWS then all the more that he continued his studies. Besides, I thought that he was only taking online courses so it’s just weird that he wasn’t able to manage both. Oh well, all the best for him!

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5 thoughts on “NEWS’ Tegoshi Yuya Reveals Dropping-Out from Waseda University

  1. Oh And as a Tegoshi fan it’s good to know what he did xD Even if saying this 4 years later seems pointless, I’m actually relieved to finally know ! xD

    Thanks again !


  2. Well taking online courses help to do other activities beside college, but exams are still difficult and it doesn’t guarantee to pass them (I personally think it’s more difficult to pass an exam with online courses). If I understand the article, he certaintly had to re-do at least a year since he didn’t make it in 4.

    It’s good to see you again thank you very much !! ^o^


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