Cherry Blossom Fills Sakurai Sho’s “Kamisama no Kurete” Event

On Mar 18th, Arashi’s Sakurai Sho attended a cherry tree carpet ceremony at Nihonbashi, Tokyo with actress Miyazaki Aoi. The two are promoting their movie, “Kamisama no Kurete” where they play a married couple.

In a typical Edo flair, Sakurai and Miyazaki wore kimonos as they arrived on a rickshaw and walked-on along the 50-meter pink carpet where 1000 fans braved the cold wind to shower them with cherry blossoms cut-outs.While fans scatter fake cherry blossom petals, Sakurai jokes that it feels like being in Londons Olympics and being Hanasaka jiisan.

Based from Natsukawa Sosuke’s novel of the same title, “Kamisama no Kurete” tells the true story Kurihara Ichito, a physician from Nagano prefecture while Miyazaki plays Kurihara’s supportive wife. In the movie’s second installment, Tatsuya Fujiwara joins the cast as Kurihara’s longtime friend who starts working at Honjo Hospital where Kurihara also works.

Kamisama no Kurete” will hit the theaters on Mar 21st.

Oricon and Daily Sports


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