Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 008)

Since I haven’t done this Round-Up for almost 2 months, I had a hard time putting-up this digest because there’s just too many that I’ve missed. Anyway, as all of you know, Jin Akanishi have left Johnny’s and it’s one of the major moments that I’ve missed. Pffft. Oh well, I’ll be breaking my promise of not translating any articles that is past 5-days since the publication date since there are two week-old rumors that I just want to translate. So, enjoy!

Involved parties, are: Koyama Keiichiro, Jesse, Kimura Takuya, and Arashi.

  • Koyama Keiichiro gets his sleeping face photographed (I really don’t know what title should I use)

Ever since NEWS‘s Koyama Keiichiro joined “news every“, he has also joined the ranks of “intellectual idols” in Johnny’s with Sakurai Sho as the leader of the pack. As we all know, being a newscaster meant having a good, clean image and being in a relationship with an idol is considered a scandal. FLASH magazine recently featured Koyama’s sleeping photo along with some juicy details of his sex life and more juicy details of his “thing” from a woman he met back in 2009. The two reportedly continued their relationship for three years until Koyama stopped communicating with her. Koyama’s “sex in toilet” scandal last year was also mentioned. The woman who sent this email/photo also said that she bears no grudge against Koyama (duh?). In the future, Koyama is advised to be careful with his relationship to prevent any scandal.

Again, why is simply being in a relationship considered as scandalous? Is it so wrong to be human and fall in love, date and have sex? Why is being in a relationship even considered as fan betrayal? Let’s face facts that as fans, our ichibans are not married to us, and preventing them to do so won’t ensure being their wife in the future either.

  • Jesse’s popularity declines when he hasn’t even debuted yet

Jesse Lewis who now goes with just “Jesse” became Johnny’s favorite last year where he was given a lots of projects that he is likely to debut soon. However, anxiety arise that despite being constantly pushed by the agency, Jesse’s fan base didn’t seem to increase. A Johnny’s Jr. fan said that Jesse seem lacking in motivation that even though he constantly smile to fans, it seem expressionless. Some also says that Jesse now only has 1-2 years “best before date” to make his debut. It was also added that Jesse became that way after a scandal involving a yarakashi stalker in the past. Nevertheless, despite a decreasing fan base, Jesse still has the “power” with him as he is often seen visiting (Johnny) president’s house.

I’ve only seen Jesse in “Sprout” and his acting didn’t leave quite an impression to me either….well, I’m not really following his career that much but I’ve always been interested in watching “the Quiz” so maybe during the long holiday this weekend. Other than that, the last sentence of the article’s summary is obviously insinuating something.XD

  • Johnny’s magazines are not selling well?

Being a Johnny means generating sales; however, that is so not the case now. Publications have cited a drop in sales of Johnny’s magazines and book-related publications. Nowadays, sales would only stretch if Arashi would appear in cover or in magazine; they are expected to increase during Arashi’s 15th anniversary. Compared to sales momentum years ago, it’s much calmer now. Arashi has also became the agency’s cash cow that the group collaborative products tend to get sold-out. Kanjani8 was also a huge seller at one time, and sales are expected to increase during their 10th anniversary. Other than that, some magazines would rather feature JSB (J Soul Brothers) as there is willingness among their fans to buy their goods.

Most Johnny magazines are just eye-candy, I prefer magazines that I can read that just oggle at them. Also, Johnny should scrapped that stupid rule of his of not allowing 30 y/o (and up) idols in magazines like Wink Up, Duet, and MYOJO because most of the time, people would rather read about the oldies than the newbies that they don’t know.

  • Average ratings for Kimura Takuya’s “Musashi Miyamoto”

TV Asahi’s “Musashi Miyamoto” starring SMAP‘s Takuya Kimura aired last Mar 15h and 16th and the show received average ratings. The Saturday episode earned 14.2% while the Sunday episode earned 12.6%. The special drama didn’t have a strong contender during the Saturday broadcast. However, during the Sunday broadcast, it wasn’t able to beat Mukai Osamu‘s “S – Saigo no Keikan” that earned 12.7% in ratings, while TOKIO‘s “tetsuwan DASH special” earned 21.9%, their highest rating to date. Because of the average ratings the show received, some are saying that Kimura should take a break from TV dramas for now.

Despite the ratings, I want to watch “Musashi Miyamoto” even for fighting scenes alone. TOKIO’s DASH is so real and funny that they deserved it. Most people I know came to like TOKIO after watching DASH.

Johnny’s Watcher 1, 2, 3, and 4

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8 thoughts on “Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 008)

  1. i agree with you miku-chin…JE shouldn’t prevent their artist to fall in love and be in a relationship and enjoy every moment of it. They’re humans after all. They have every right to experience it. I so feel sorry for JE artists. As for those women who were involved with them, they should have the decency to be discreet. I know they’re just so proud to be involved with these boys but showing if off in this manner was just too shrewd. Oh well, we can’t help it. It’s not everyday that they get to be with those boys, a matter that will always be a dream for other girls like me. hehehe…

    As for Jesse, is it really that serious? Not having his fan-base increased? I’ve liked Jesse since I saw him in Shiritsu Bakaleya and Sprout. He is such a charming and dashing boy. He is the youngest in my list of J-boys. I love the way he smiles and I love his eyes. Maybe, this year is not just for him. Lots f artist have experienced that. But I know his career will picked-up soon. I will always support him just like what I’m doing with my other Jboys… Ganbatte ne, Jesse-kun!


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  3. Not sure if the decrease in sales means that people get more mature or just less interested(Sadly, probably the last one).

    Maybe it would really be alright if KimuTaku took a break. Not a complete break, maybe he should take on a supporting role instead. It’s understandable that people get tired of him one day if he’s pretty much the lead of every popular drama in every season.

    It feels as if Jesse is just a little awkward with his emotions, but I definitely don’t want him to lose before he gets his chance to shine!

    Thanks for posting this and keeping me up to date ♪


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