Is this the most awaited class of 2014?

(c)ボーリング.゜+。★ ‏@salapao_p17
(c)ボーリング.゜+。★ ‏@salapao_p17


Who doesn’t like a high-school setting drama? Moreover, who doesn’t like a baseball drama? Lastly, who doesn’t like a high-school baseball drama filled with ikemen with the baseball coach as the leader?

I must admit, I wasn’t that interested in watching “Yowakutemo Katemasu” when it was first announced, high school x baseball has been a cliche plot in most jdoramas with “H2” and “Rookies” as my favorite. It didn’t make it more appealing with Ninomiya Kazunari as the lead until the name of the students were revealed. Okay, I now have huge expectations.

“Yowakutemo Katemasu” tells the story of Aoshi-sensei, a substitute teacher at his prestigious alma mater known for sending most of the graduates to Tokyo University. At school, he met the 5-member baseball club who have never won any matches, they prefer outfield that infield, they only practice for three hours a day and spent the remaining time for studies. Despite all their shortcomings, Aoshi-sensi became interested in the group, guided with his principle that the it’s possible for the weak to triumph, and decides to lead them toward Koshien .

What I like most about the drama’s plot is that the team is really weak. XD. Most baseball dramas do have weak teams but those teams are usually blessed with a gifted pitcher, a genius catcher, and a 4th batter who always have a hit. It would be nice to see how Aoshi-sensei can transform the team. I also like that this is not another “Rookies”, which is plagued with bunch of yankee’s who are likely to cause trouble before the game; in Yowakutemo, the students are like a group of geeks vying to enter ToDai, thus it’s a refreshing change to see what different kind of trouble will the students do.

I haven’t seen a worthy high school drama lately, aside from the fact that the said genre is sadly lacking from earlier seasons where most networks would rather concentrate on police and medical dramas. So, I’m really excited on this one as stories about youth are always refreshing if not foolish.

BTW, here are the list of students who will be joining Ninomiya, they are:

  • Fukushi Sota -saw him in Starman and while his chemistry with Hirosue Ryoko is sadly flat, he is a good actor particularly as Kamen Rider. Expect a lot of bromance with Nakajima Yuto as Fukushi will play a runaway who freeloads at Nakajima’s house.
  • Arimura Kasumi – obviously, she will be the baseball manager who carries a teapot. XD. Lucky girl to be surrounded by boys.
  • Nakajima Yuto – one of the main reasons I’m tuning-in to this show.
  • Yamazaki Kento – he was in “35-sai koukousei” but I really can’t remember him.
  • Hongo Kanata – I hate his character in “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan” but I did like him in “Seigi no Mikata”. Though he still looks like an awkward kid. This will be Hongo’s reunion with Nino after “GANTZ”.
  • Mamiya Shotaro
  • Sakurada Dori
  • Suzuki Katsuhiro
  • Yanagi Shuntaro
  • Hiraoka Takuma
  • Yakushimaru Hiroko– owner of the cafe that the team frequents, she’s also Arimura’s mother.

Yowakutemo Katemasu” will air on Apr 12th every Saturday.



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4 thoughts on “Is this the most awaited class of 2014?

  1. I cant wait for this drama mainly because of Ninomiya and the bunch loads of young actors. 😀
    As a sports/school theme fans, I’ve watched both Rookies & H2 and greatly enjoying it. Hoping that “Yowakutemo Katemasu” will be good.

    Anyway, Yamazaki Kento character’s in “35-Sai” is Akutsu. He’s the class mastermind. 😉


  2. waaahhhhhh!!!!!! I am so excited for this… I love sports dramas/movies and baseball is one of my ever fave sports. Can’t wait to watch this especially that they have casted Yuto-kun and Hongo-kun..two of my so many Jbabies. Ganbatte ne, shonen-tachi…i am so happy that I could see once again in dramas. 🙂


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