TOKIO to Celebrate 20 Yrs with Best of Album + Summer Tour


Our favorite Ojiisan‘s and Johnny’s only rock band will be celebrating 20 years since their debut and aside from best of album, TOKIO will be participating in an open-air rock festival for the first time.

As reported,

It was announced that TOKIO will be releasing a best of album this summer to commemorate their 20 years since their debut. The group will also have a national tour slated this August and they will also participate in a open-air summer rock festival, the first time among Johnny’s.

The best of album is titled, “HEART“, and the tracklist will be determined by fan voting, so fans are encouraged to vote at TOKIO’s wesbite.

Furthermore, the group will embark on a National tour starting this August consisting of 12 cities and 13 performances. The first leg of their tour will be at Saitama Arena and will end at Nippon Budokan on Nov 2nd where TOKIO debuted live 20 years ago.

Lastly, TOKIO will also be participating in open-air summer festivals, the first one in “Iwamizawa JOIN ALIVE music festival” in Hokkaido on July 19 and 20 and also at “SUMMER SONIC” in Osaka on Aug 16 and 17.




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