Rants and Raves: Content Unavailable

“Rants and Raves” will be a weekly post consisting of rants and raves happening at JE Fandom. Don’t worry, I’ll try to exclude my own rants and more rants in my life.


Rave: Yay! There’s a new preview for “Yowakutemo Katemasu“! Do I get to see the boys?

Rant: WTF am I seeing? How do I change my location? Why the f*ck to they have to exclude my country? It’s not like I’m going to illegally download and copy and burn and sell a f*cking preview. Pissed.


Rave: The cast/characters for Ohno Satoshi‘s “Shinigami-kun” is out.

Rant: Ohno being reduced to the cartoon character is HAH?! I know that it’ll be very expensive for the production if they put Ohno’s picture, but still, this….? Can’t Johnny remove that stupid rule because it’s well, stupid.


Rave: Jin is active in instagram, facebook, twitter, and even weibo is like the coolest!

Rant: Jin is active in instagram, facebook, twitter, and even weibo is like saying he has too much in his hands because he is not doing anything.

Rave: Matsumoto Jun‘s “Shitsuren Chocolatier” ended with 13.7 % in ratings.

Rant: —-

Rave: Kis-My-Ft2 gets a new CM! Amazingly, the CM also plays in my country.

Rants: Kis-My-Ft2 gets a new CM….for an insect repellant brand. Should I be thankful that Iijima is not choosy when it comes to CMs of his talents? I guess not if Nakai Masahiro’s did those cringe-worthy dance in his “CHINTAI” CM.


Rave: KAT-TUN gets to sing NTV‘s Going! Sports&News theme song. Listen HERE.

Rant: New song doesn’t necessarily mean new single so keep your hopes down, HYPENS!


Rave: Since when did Yuma gets this hot?

Rant: still skinny, but….


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