Sakurai Sho Shows-Off Palliative Care Knowledge in NHK’s Asaichi


Looks like Sakurai is ready to change careers or is he merely promoting his movie? Nonetheless, Sakurai’s latest endeavor will surely earn a squeal-worthy affection from his fangirls.

As reported,

Arashis Sakurai Sho will appear on the Mar 27th broadcast of NHK’s Asaichi where his senpai, V6‘s Inohara Yoshihiko is one of the main MC. Rather than appearing as a mere guest, Sakurai will present about “palliative care“,a special feature on “end-of-life care” where he will challenge the status-quo involving the subject, physician, the patient and it’s family.

Sakurai has an abundant experience by being a once-a-week news presenter for “NEWS ZERO” since 2006. Furthermore, his role in “Kamisama no Karute” (currently showing in theaters) as a community health care physician makes him think about life and death in a deeper sense.

What king of medical care could you expect if your days are numbered? In the advent of  “aging society”, the special feature will focus on palliative care as it aims to maintain and support the patient’s quality of life, like “I want to live like a human being until the end”.

Sakurai will feature palliative care clinic in Yamanashi and Gunma prefecture where he will showcase the differences of palliative care in each clinic as compared to general hospital care.

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