Yamapi to Star in “Kinkyori Renai” Live Adaptation?

Just when I thought that Yamapi have left Johnny’s to join Jin, this rumor starts circulating,

As rumored,


Yamashita Tomohisa is rumored to star in the live (movie) adaptation of “Kinkyori Renai” (Read Synopsis). Yamashita will play the role of Sakurai Haruka, an English teacher and ladies man.

The tweeted picture above shows Yamapi in Shizuoka Aoba Park where he is filming with actress Mizukawa Asami. Although, netizens argue that Mizukawa is unlikely to play the heroine (age-wise, I think); the said role has already been given to 18 y/o fashion model Komatsu Nana (is she name after that NANA?)


Also rumored to be in the cast is Johnny’sWEST Kotomi Nozomu who will play Saki Sato, Uni’s classmate.

JUNFOX 1, 2, and 3

I’m not a huge fan of teacher-student relationship, or maybe I’m just sexist because its okay if the teacher is female. I have read the manga before and I dropped it because I just dislike the female character (Kururugi Uni). She’s the type of character that started strong and turns sappy in front of a man, who also happens to be her teacher. Furthermore, Haruka-sensei is openly harrasing his students and its okay?!

Anyway, while this is shoujo, there are times when it almost look like smut so just for all the squeals worth, I hope that the writers won’t tone down those hug and kiss scenes. Actually, I don’t know how they will do those scenes considering Yamapi and Komatsu’s 11 year age gap (in real life and considering that this rumor is true).

There’s no official news yet so we just have to wait and see.



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8 thoughts on “Yamapi to Star in “Kinkyori Renai” Live Adaptation?

  1. Hm… I’d like it to be true! Though I cannot yet imagine Yamapi playing a womanzier… It would be a great chance for him to develop! Besides that the story sounds kinda scandalous for a J-Drama – Shaking everything up once in a while could be nice x3


  2. I also don’t get what that commentor is trying to say, but i guess some Yamapi fans are really extreme. (I experienced this too cos i wrote a negative review of Yamapi’s career.)

    I am excited whenever shoujo manga gets adapted into movies. But i also get disappointed if they don’t cast the right actors. Yamapi as a teacher sounds alright but “ladies man” sounds….

    Anyway, how did the rumor of him leaving Johnny’s come about?


    • There’s no rumor about Yamapi leaving Johnny’s, it was merely my opening line as a joke since Yamapi and Jin are BFFs.
      I’m also Yamapi’s fan but I never bash other people’s opinions; I even laugh about it like those jokes about being him having “dead fish eyes”.


  3. What is this post?
    What’s the purpose of it? Who are you to throw trash to one of the boys of the agency?

    I use to like this site but with people with you in this fandom *sigh*


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