Tanaka Koki Expresses Gratitude at Sanbun no Ichi Stage Greeting

(c)Daily Sports
(c)Daily Sports

The fact that Koki’s picture could be seen in Daily Sports website really means that he is no longer in Johnny’s. I’m still having ambivalent feelings about his termination but as he still keeps on acting and tweeting (!) then it’s all good.

As reported,

On Apr 1st, Former KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki appeared at the stage greeting of his movie “Sanbun no Ichi” after a long absence.

Tanaka was dismissed by Johnny’s Entertainment September last year and showed-up at public for the first time at Okinawa International Film Festival last March. Tanaka appeared wearing a black shirt inside black suit and sporting a beard and permed hair. “It has taken me a little over a year to greet you,” Tanaka said with deep emotions.

Tanaka became good friends with his co-stars, Fujiwara Tatsuya and Kosugi Ryuichi; the three of them were always together during the filming and Tanaka expressed his gratitude for the valuable experience he learned while working with the two actors.

Sanbun no Ichi” premieres on Apr 1st.

Daily Sports

As Koki is no longer in Johnny’s, all news related to him will be categorized under “Former Johnny’s”; the same goes for Jin Akanishi.


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