Rants and Raves : Fandom Crossover

Its April Fools Day, I had a bad day, and I just wished that everything that happened this day is a part of one big joke. However, it’s not, reality sucks and I just want to rant until this day is over.

Anyway, here is this week’s Rants & Raves

[caution: contain stupidity]



Rave: JohnnyWEST is really debuting…jacket covers are out for their single, “ee ja nai ka”.

Rant: I’ve lost hope with Johnny’s so-called “creative team” (if there is one such thing in the agency) because of the groups’ crappy covers lately and I’m not just talking about JohnnysWEST.

Rave: well, the calligraphy is cute.

Rant: and what were they wearing?

Rave: Hello? It’s Johnny’s! What do you expect?


Rave: Anne gets to be the charity chair for this year’s “24HrTV” that Kanjani8 will host

Rant: —

Rave: I love Kame‘s hair on his new solo CM fo Suzuki SOLIO. It’s perfect for him! Gorgeous~~~~

Rant: will he be using this car for JOKER GAME? Because that would be totally lame since spies usually drives the coolest cars

(c)on pic

Rave: Nakajima Yuto will be the special guest for Arashi ni Shiyagare 90 mins SP on Apr 5th

Rant: Promo! Promo! Promo! Though I love to see them tease Yuto.

Rave: Oh! They (Yuto and Nino) will be in TORE! as well.

Rant: Somehow, the “blocks” in TORE seem small for Yuto’s height.


Rave: SMAP appeared in “Waratte Iitomo” finale; sheds tears.

Rant: I’m not really sad about it, more like, about time.

(c)Tegoshi Yuya fan page

Rave: Tegoshi Yuya as NTV’s main caster for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Rant: At least, he gets to do something. Though I hope he changes his hair color so people will take his reporting seriously.



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3 thoughts on “Rants and Raves : Fandom Crossover

  1. Ahaha, I like this article! It’s realistic, not just complimenting, not just ranting… It’s pretty much the split opinions I have about a lot of things as well! You should keep on doing that once in a while ^_^
    Ah, the covers are really poor. I mean, the clothing is… Acceptable, I guess(I have seen much worse), but with a decent idea for a cover they could have even been kinda good. Lately it seems as if they’d just put everyone in front of some stark white wall and shop them together. Badly.
    But I’ll still look out for Johnny’s West! (*cough*just for Kiriyama Akito *cough*)


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