Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 009)

Slow news days so I decided to make another rumor digest where one is extreme while the other is laughable.

Involved parties, are: Iwamoto Hikaru (Snow Man) and a certain member of Arashi.

As reported,

  • Snow Man’s Iwamoto Hikaru attacked a yarakashi?

Weekly Bunshun reported that Snow Man‘s Iwamoto Hikaru allegedly hit a woman in her 20s that resulted to right eye contusion, right orbital fracture, and had the young woman hospitalized for a month. The said incident happened November last year after the two were witnessed quarreling at the platform of Ikebukuro Station JR Saikyou Line. According to a woman’s friend, the woman is a huge fan of Iwamoto and was part of his “groupies” several years back; the woman also spent a huge chunk of her money for goods and concerts. She reportedly followed Iwamoto after training and was eventually knocked by him due to anger that day. Aside from suffering physical injuries, she is reportedly in trauma after being hit by her ichiban and is even fearful to ride a train. Iwamoto reportedly made a private settlement so that the issue won’t be filed at the police. There were also rumors that Iwamoto was placed under “house arrest” as he was not seen in public for 2 months now after his drama filming ended, but he will be returning in “Takizawa Kabuki 2014” on Apr 7th.

I don’t really know about this, I mean, two people fighting in a train station and no one even bothered to stop them or no one even took pictures or a video since that’s what everybody does nowadays. Besides, yarakashi’s don’t have a good reputation to start with.

  • Reader model disappointed after a date with an Arashi member who insists on a “Dutch Treat”

A 20-something reader model is reportedly disappointed after her date with a certain member of Arashi . The said member not only arrived an hour late, he also looked like he just got up from bed. Instead of dining in the member’s favorite Italian restaurant, the two went to a cafe instead because the member insist that he is not really hungry and he just got up (from bed). After the meal, the two split the bill and it was the model’s first time to pay for her own meal on a date. Noticing the model’s sullen mood, the two decided to go shopping where they walked aimlessly along thrift stores and grocery stores until they stopped at an accessories shop. The model saw a really cute item and ask the member if he’ll buy it for her as a commemoration for that day, the member answered, “I’ll buy it for your birthday”, after seeing the price tag. The model  doubts the he knows when is her birthday and she can’t believed how stingy he is considering the item is just around 4000 Yen. Afterward, the model refused to have dinner because she’ll surely pay for her own meal and even blocked him on LINE (haha!). BTW, that Arashi member has a drama airing this April.

Isn’t this just one of those usual rumors that starts floating when a Johnny’s talent has an upcoming drama? So, its between Ohno and Nino. XD. Anyway, the reader model should read that book titled, “He’s just not that into you”.


Johnnys-Watcher 1 and 2


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5 thoughts on “Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 009)

  1. he hit a girl, put a her to hospital and all he got was a house arrest??? *shakes head*

    anyways, i think it’s nino…we all know him for being stingy~ and i dont say this because i’m a fan but really? you are asking someone to buy something for you on a first date??? idt that’s right girl! cant you wait for them to give you one??? i have this mindset that if you asked me out and didnt clearly say that it’ll be dutch treat at the start i’ll assume it’ll be your treat…i dont mind paying for my own meal on a date though =D


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