Johnny’sWEST to Have Debut Concerts


When it comes to staging a grand debut, Johnny’s really know how to do it. Then I recall that Kanjani8 debuted on a rooftop.

As reported,

To commemorate Johnny’sWEST debut, the group will be having a series of concert, titled: “Naniwa tomoare, honma ni arigatō! in TOKYO“.

The said concert will start on May 11th until 21st at Shimbashi Enbujo Theater in Tokyo. Reservations via telephone will start on Apr 21st.

In addition, the group will also be having concert debut in Shochikuza Theater in Osaka that will run from Apr 26th to May 6th.

Johnny’sWEST debut single “ee ja nai ka” will be released on Apr 23rd.

jnews1 and Shochiku


6 thoughts on “Johnny’sWEST to Have Debut Concerts

  1. I thougth too in Kanjani8 in a rooftop when I heard of the concerts. All Johnny’s groups have big debut events except Kanjani8, but this is the reason that make them so special. They are fighting from the begining.

    But anyway I reserved their single anyway XD thay are Eito Jrs. for me.


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