Rants & Raves: Summer Fever

I missed doing Rants & Raves last Tuesday because I have fever and I can be a b*tch during those situations  that I might say something inappropriate.

The news and the not-really-newsworthy have piled-up in just two days so here is this week’s Rants & Raves

[not for hardcore fans and those with no sense of humor]

  • Jacket covers for Arashi’s “GUTS!” and Sexy Zone’s “King & Queen & Joker” are out
(c)pony canyon


Rants: Here we go again with Johnny’s generic covers. I know that “GUTS!” is Nino’s drama theme song for “Yowakutemo Katemasu” but do they have to make it so obvious that they dressed-up like a cross between teachers and baseball coaches? And blue background? Hello high school YEARBOOK!

Raves: The photos look too good for a high school yearbook, or maybe because I have bad memories with my high school photo. XD. Nevertheless, at least some Arashics/Arashians have sense of humor.


Rants: What about the Sato-centered Sexy Zone? It looks the typical studio pic most teens do back when there’s no digital cameras and smartphones. Something like this…


Raves: You nailed the chair…but the cover is much better than their previous covers where their faces seemed like it was grouped together and have it photoshop.


Rant: BTW, “King & Queen & Joker”? It’s like Nakajima, Sato, and Kikuchi very own titles while the other two are lackeys.


  • SMAP’s Inagaki Goro new CM will have him play 5 roles, one of which is a blond flight attendant where he commented that he looks like a transvestite.

Rants: I’ve long accepted the fact cross-dressing is like a stupid rite of passage of every existing Asian Idol but I draw the line when someone in Inagaki’s age still does it.

Rave: Or Inagaki is just that confident in his sexuality to still play that kind of role. Shingo does it well…

  • Shinigami-kun drama production warned against a FAKE Shinigami-kun twitter account

Rant: Johnny’s very own “Death Note”- twitter style. I wonder who will get the first 140 characters death prediction?

Rave: Some people have lots of free time to waste.


  • Shingo Katori’s “SMOKING GUN” premiered with 10.3%
(c)fuji tv

Rave: Pretty average. Good start.

Rant: What is the average these days? The average seem pretty low to me.

Rave: Other dramas this Spring premiered at lower ratings.

Rant: Then it’s our standards that have gotten lower.


  • KAT-TUN will sing the theme song for Nakamaru Yuichi’s drama “FIRST CLASS”, the song is titled “FACT”

Rant: I know what you’re thinking but don’t expect anything until an official announcement has been made. Tacky title, fact?

Rave: It’s been so long so I’m excited.




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