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Johnny’sWEST to Sing SHARK~2nd Season~ Theme Song

The boys are on a roll and they haven’t debuted yet…

As reported,

It has been reported that Johnny’s WEST will be singing the theme song for “SHARK~2nd Season~“, titled: “Sono Saki e…“. The said theme song is a melodious ballad that is also included in the track list for Johnny’sWEST debut single, “ee ja nai ka“.

“SHARK~2nd Season~” stars Johnny’s WEST Shigeoka Daiki as the bassist for the band “Cloud5” where the fictional band will also appear singing the drama’s theme song.

Joining Shigeoka in the band,are: Yasui Kentaro (guitar), Abe Aran (vocals) , Hagiya Keigo(drums). Furthermore, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguuji Yuta, Matsukura Kaito, Negishi Aomi; and first season’s Hamada Takahiro and Kamiyama Tomohiro will also be present.



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