Let’s Learn English with Yamapi

A new midnight show for Yamapi where he gets to kiss someone while learning English…

As reported,

It was reported that Yamashita Tomohisa will be the host of a new variety show called “Otona no KISS English” that will start on the 20th of April.

Contents of the show will include learning English through various projects. For the first challenge, they will do it in a “mucha buri” style like approaching a foreign beauty for a kiss, making full use of English.

The first episode is set in a one-room apartment with Yamashita and a foreign beauty where Yamashita will show if he can make her kiss him through a conversation or a game.

Aside from the “kissing-game”, the intention of studying English is for future global expansion, “there will be Olympic Games and it’s good if you can speak English, let’s study together!” he appealed.

Otona no KISS English” will air on Apr 20th at 12:40am (JST)

jnews1 and Sponichi Annex

I’m not exactly sure about this “mucha buri” but for reference, it was explained a bit here.


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