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Nakajima Kento to Host a Special Program featuring “Ebiken”

I’m excited for this program not because of Kento but because of the man he will feature for this show. I saw Ebiken’s performance in “America’s Got Talent” and I was just gobsmacked.

As reported,

It was announced that Sexy Zone‘s Nakajima Kento will host NHK BS Premium’s special feature, titled:Challenge! Yume no sono saki e ~Sexy Zone Nakajima Kento meets America’s No . 1 performer“.

The show will feature Kenichi Ebina, who auditioned on “America’s Got Talent” September last year, and made it up to the last round where he won 1 million USD.

Kenichi Ebina, more popularly called as “Ebiken”, startled the judges and audience with his audition performance where he did the “neck drop” down to reproducing the famous scene from the “Matrix” movie where Ebiken pretends to dodge bullets. Because of his performance in the said reality show, Ebiken has been in demand to perform all over the world.

Nakajima is completely charmed with Ebiken’s performance and said that he didn’t waste even one second in making an earth-shattering performance.

Here is the audition performance of Ebiken at America’s Got Talent

Challenge! Yume no sono saki e ~Sexy Zone Nakajima Kento meets America’s No . 1 performer” will air on Apr 30th at 08:00 PM (JST).

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