Yamada Ryosuke Returns as Kindaichi for TV Series


After two successful drama SP’s, Kindaichi will be back this Summer for an entire season.

As reported,



It has been announced that “Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo” will make it’s return as a TV drama series this July. It has been 13 years since the said drama has been serialized. The drama series stars Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke who have also appeared in the titular role for “Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” (January 2013) and “Prison Cram School Murder Case” (January 2014).

Yamada is the fourth generation Kindaichi following his senpais; Domoto Tsuyoshi (1995), Matsumoto Jun (2001) and Kamenashi Kazuya (2005).

Yamada is delighted with the TV series decision and would immediately changes to his Kindaichi mode. Though Kindaichi is a school drama mystery, Yamada shares that [audience] will surely enjoy the comedy parts of this drama.

Joining Yamada, are: Kawaguchi Haruna as his childhood friend Nanase Miyuki, Hey!Say!JUMP’s Arioka Daiki as Saki Ryuki, Yamaguchi Tomomitsu as Police Inspector Kenmochi, and Asari Yosuke as Makebe Makoto.

Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo N (neo)” will air this July at 21:00 (JST) every Saturday.

jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Sanspo


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