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Talent Power Ranking 2014

This year’s Nikkei Talent Power Ranking has new additions, “rank-jumpers”, and mainstays.

As reported,



Conducted last February, Nikkei’s annual ranking is based from factors, such as: popularity, name recognition and public’s level of interest to the said individual/group.

Here is the result for “Talent Power Ranking 2014″

[TOP 10 only]

2014 Ranking




Average Score

1 10 12

Mao Asada

2 2 1


3 608

Hanyu Yuzuru

4 4 7

Abe Hiroshi

5 3 6

Fukuyama Masaharu

6 117 269

Sakai Masato

7 1 5

Ayase Haruka

8 8 15

Sakurai Sho

9 7 10

Ichiro Suzuki

10 14 44

Matsuko Deluxe


via Nikkei and Nikkei2

I’m also glad that Arashi managed to keep their spot and they didn’t fall places, same goes with Sho. Aside from Sakurai, MatsuJun is in 16th place, Ohno in 20th, Aiba in 22nd and Nino in 25th. Other JE talents within Top 30 is SMAP in 11th place and Okada Junichi in 27th.

Figure skaters Mao and Hanyu has indeed gotten more popular after Sochi 2014. Mao has always been present among Top 10-15 but Hanyu took a huge leap from 603 to 3rd place. Speaking of taking huge leaps, Sakai Masato is on Top 10, thanks to Hanzawa Naoki, Nikkei now has 3 actors aside from Fukuyama and Abe.

For the rest, here are actors, musicians (male), and girl groups




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