Fujii Ryusei to Star in Live Adaptation of a Popular Manga

I guess that ugly rumor against Fuji is now is now forgotten considering that Johnny’s gave him his first lead drama role. Another time-slipped drama this summer after “Nobunaga no Chef”.

As reported,

It has been announced that Johnny’s WEST Fujii Ryusei will star in a late night TBS drama series. He will play the lead role for the live adaptation of popular manga, “Again!!“. The said manga is written and illustrated by Mitsuro Kubo who also wrote popular manga “Moteki”.

In “Again!!”, Fujii will play the role of Imamura Kinichirou, who after three years is finally graduating high school. However, in his three years in high school, he wasn’t able to make friends because of his delinquent-esque looks and he also regrets not joining a now-disbanded cheering squad. After some sort of accident, Imamura finds himself being transported 3 years ago at his freshman entrance ceremony. Imamura will try to re-do his life by joining the cheering squad.

Fujii has only appeared in TV drama, “Miss Pilot”, in a supporting role and a cameo in “Shark”. This is his first leading role and Fujii is happy to be chosen, “I’m still a novice but I’ll try hard as possible while being supported by everyone. I will encouraged the viewers to cry and laugh”.

Again!!” will air this July.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Daily Sports





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