Rants & Raves: Facts and Rumors

Writing recaps for Dorama Doll have taken too much of my time so I wasn’t able to write any Rants&Raves for the past weeks. I’m also aware that I haven’t been writing rumors digest lately so I’ll include some of those rumors here.

Here is this week’s Rants and Raves

  • Yamapi’s “Otona no KISS Eigo” is becoming a hot topic

Rant: It is a hot topic since everybody finds its shocking that he kisses his guests, which are usually girls.

Rave: I’ve seen the pilot episode and he has a good accent; I can actually understand what he was saying. The kiss can be pretty shocking for fans but the show is good to show-off Yamapi’s English skills.

Rant: Rather than showcasing Yamapi’s English-speaking skills, it’s more like this show was made so he can practice the language while at the same time kiss girls and get paid for doing it.

  • Shonentai’s Nishikori Kazukiyo cross-dresses in new stage play with A.B.C-Z’s Tsukada Ryoichi

Rant: He is at that age and he still cross-dress…this will be more interesting if it was Higashiyama.

Rave: Glad that Kazukiyo still does plays.

Rant: I knew it…Tegoshi has that air about him. XDDDD

Raves : just goes to show that they understand a girl’s feelings and preference. I do like the purple top.

Rant : That overall purple outfit looks like a nurse’s uniform. Wrong choice of shoes too.

Rave: I concur.

  • Speaking of Koyama, it’s nice to read an article/interview about him from The Japan News

Rant: The part where he called NEWS’s fans as his wives is quite worrisome…you should only have one wife.

Rave: That is merely a figure a speech. I like how he appreciates their fans after all the hurdle they have gone through.

  • TOKIO’s Joshima Shigeru Chosen as this year’s marathon runner for 24 Hour TV

Rant: Is he going to be okay?

Rave: Ganbatte!


Rant: It is ridiculously expensive but let’s face it, hardcore fans will buy this. It’s only once in a lifetime that Arashi will celebrate their 15th anniversary and in Hawaii to boot. However, I still think it’s wise for them to do their anniversary in Japan just to be closer to their fans.

Rave: Having a concert in Hawaii is cool but it is expensive. However, with only 30,000 fans means that the fans can get closer with Arashi due to smaller number.

Rant: A certain forum is talking on how people should avoid Hawaii during that time as 30,000 fans will not only flock the place but JAL is rumored to charter 100 flights for the fans so getting flights might be impossible. 100 flights? Insane.

Rave: Well, it is Arashi and they are Johnny’s, things are expected to be extreme.

Rant: I have no idea they were part of Iijima faction. I though that they were always with Julie. Anyway, Iijima’s talents also has dramas this season as well as next so it’s no big deal if HSJ is getting their fair share of projects. Moreover, it’s still Yamada who gets to have lead roles.

Rave: Does that mean that we’ll get to see one to three JUMP bb’s every drama season? ~heaven~







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