“High Five and Yuma” Events Had Been Postponed


Did Johnny had an “AKB48 stabbing” scare so he postponed Yuma’s own “High Five” event?

As reported,

It has been announced that Nakayama Yuma‘s “High Five and Yuma” event this coming May 31st and June 1st are postponed. The said announcement is posted in Johnny’s Net.

No reasons were specified but after consulting with different parties involved, they decided to postpone the event. They also apologize to all fans who are looking forward to this event and hope for their understanding.

The “High Five and Yuma” is supposed to happen in five venues across the country to commemorate Nakayama’s newest single this May 31st to June 1st.



3 thoughts on ““High Five and Yuma” Events Had Been Postponed

  1. I think the AKB48 incident has sent ripples of fear throughout idol world. Either that or the police is forcing artistes to suspend their events for now, until extra security is worked out.


    • I don’t think that s the police(if it had been the police, then every single band and idol would stopped those meetings and handshakes etc).

      Rather, agencies who did that, decided on their own to follow that precautionary measure.

      Hello!Project for example didn’t suspend any event, and are not planning to. They announced it.


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