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Sexy Boyz and Two from Johnny’s Jrs. to have “Sexy Summer Festival”

Because summer means SEXY.

As reported,

(c)まりな ‏@maripiii49 [twitter]

It was announced that one of Sexy Zone‘s s little brother, Sexy Boyz , will be having a “Gamushara Sexy Summer Festival” at Tokyo’s EX Theater Roppongi. The two will be joined by Jesse and Yasui Kentaro of Johnny’s Jr. This will be Sexy Boyz first live performance.

The announcement was made during the press conference where Sexy Boyz’s Marius YoIwahashi Genki, and Jinguji Yuta, and Johnny’s Jr. Yasui Kentaro and Jesse attended the event. The show aims to mobilize 51,000 people in 12 days from 30 performances.

Moreover, it was also announced that Sexy Zone’s big brother, Sato Shori, will be having his first solo performance on July 29th at the same venue.

Gamushura Sexy Summer Festival” will run from July 30th to Aug 10th at Tokyo’s EX Theater Roppongi.

via Nikkan Sports, Sanspo, and Hochi



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