Kanjani8’s Cheer Song for “Netto Koshien”

Kanjani8 sings a cheer song for high school baseball and it makes me think that they could have also used this for Yowakutemo Katemasu.

As reported,


It was announced that “Omoidama” will be Kanjani8‘s theme song for TV Asahi’s “Netto Koshien“. The song is composed by high school students nationwide based from the phrases: “towards the dream”, “doing your best so you can deliver for the people who supports your (dreams/feelings)”. 16 kinds of phrases from 6,000 submissions were incorporated in the song. In addition, 30 high school students who plays wind instruments were also recruited for “High School Special Winds Corps” where they took part during the recording.

Kanjani8 members visited Koshien to shoot for “Omoidama” jacket covers and it’s the first time that the group have set foot in Koshien since debuting in 2002. Nishikido Ryo shared his thoughts on New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who was recently named as American League Pitcher of the Month for May,  on how he stood on Koshien mound during his high school days that made Nishikido wonder who will be Koshien’s new star this year.

All members pitched-in for the song’s title and they want the listener to interpret freely what the title meant. As the song is written by high school students, Shibutani Subaru commented that while singing the song, various images high school baseball championship images have appeared.

Lastly, “Omoidama” will be released as a single on July 2nd.

via jnews1 and Sponichi Annex



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