Shibutani Subaru First Solo Movie

Isn’t it about time? Aside from Ryo, Okura (100-kai Naku Koto and Clover) and Yasu (Bashauma-san to Big Mouth) have gotten solo movies and now it’s Subaru’s turn. I’m patiently waiting for Maru, Yoko, and Hina too!

As reported,


It was announced that Kanjani8′s Shibutani Subaru will be starring in the movie, “Misono Universe“, set to be released next year.

In the movie, Shibutani plays the role of a young man with an overwhelming voice but is suffering from memory loss. Shibutani has to cut 30 cms. of his trademark long hair for the role and it’s the first time he had his hair that short. Nikaido Fumi will be his heroine and will play as the band manager.

Shibutani has served as the main vocal for Kanjani8 and he will make use of his powerful vocals for the movie. One of the movie highlights are the live (singing) scenes where he will sing 5 to 6 songs including originals. Shibutani believes that this his chance to show a different side of him.

Shibutani have starred in “Eight Ranger” movie with his fellow Kanjani8 members but this will his first solo movie in a lead role.

Misono Universe” will hit the theaters February 2015.

via jnews1, Hochi, and Sanspo


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