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Only★Star’s Favorite Supporting Actor Ranking [Spring Drama 2014]

Only two from Johnny’s made the cut.

As reported,

Spring dramas that started last April have finally reached their climax and Only★Star magazine conducted a survey from 1000 readers for their [Spring] Drama Awards 2014 under the category “Favorite Supporting Actor”.

 [Top 10] Only★Star “Favorite Supporting Actor” 2014 

1) Miura Shohei (Gokuaku Ganbo)

2) Kagawa Teruyuki (MOZU Season 1)

3) Watabe Atsuro (Bitter Blood)

4) Kippei Shiina (Gokuaku Ganbo)

5) Fukushi Sato (Yowakutemo Katemasu)

6) Nakamaru Yuichi (First Class)

7) Ayano Go (Long Goodbye)

8) Odagiri Joe (Alice no Toge)

9) Yasuda Shota (Naruyouni Narusa 2)

10) Kamiwaka Takaya (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai)

Yahoo! Zasshi

Violent reactions: Where is Yuto bb? I think he did great in YowaKate or I’m just being biased. Wow for Yasu in Top 8th even though he only has bit parts in Naruyouni. Why is Odagiri only in Top 8th?! BTW, I never thought that Watabe is only a supporting actor in Bitter Blood, isn’t he one of the leads? Duh. Oh well, Shohei at top is just gorgeous even though I’m peeved with his character in Gokuaku.


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