Johnny’s Products: Guide on Buying Online for International Fans

Unsure of where to order the latest single, album, DVD, photobook, magazines, etc. of your favorite group? Here is a quick information of different online stores where you can buy any available goods involving Johnny’s.

All of these sites are legit and I have experienced ordering from three of them (CDJ, HMV and YA).

Before everything else, you must have a credit card and a stable internet connection before making your purchase unless you’re living in Japan since most of these sites offer COD (cash-on-delivery) and payment and pick-up with their partnered stores.

Here are some of the online shops where you can buy the latest Johnny’s products:

– CD Japan is very popular with international buyers as international buyers are their priority. The site is in English and can also be viewed in Spanish and French. CD Japan is affiliated with Neowing, you can basically say that CD Japan is Neowing’s english site.


– You can get points in each purchase, otherwise specified

– Shipping starts 1-2 days after product purchase

More choices for shipping methods and prices are already specified depending on your location

– All major credit cards are accepted

CD Japan reports to Oricon Music Charts; thus, all you orders will be calculated in Oricon’s daily and weekly charts.


– CD Japan don’t usually offer discounts; thus, expect everything to be in full price.

You must be a member or at least have an account in CD Japan before you purchase.

– HMV is partnered with Lawson making it convenient for those living in Japan because you can pay and get your order in any Lawson branch. HMV website is in English or Japanese only.


– You can get points for every purchase, otherwise specified

– All major credit cards are accepted

You can order without registration, just fill-in your shipping address, make payment, and voila!

– They are more generous with discounts and you may even qualify for free delivery depending on your order’s quantity


– They only use EMS for making deliveries. The shipping fee you see from their site is not the actual shipping fee (as they haven’t included all taxes and other charges) and you won’t know how much you’ll be paying until dispatch. So you have to be ready for that.

– They prioritized local customers/ shipping so it may take a while before your order reaches you.

– Same stuff with Amazon US. Amazon Japan is also partnered with Lawson and Family Mart across Japan so for those living in Japan, you can pick-up your item.


– They have Amazon Global Priority Shipping which estimates the import fee deposit and provides customs clearance on your behalf.

– All major credit cards are accepted

–  Shipping starts 2-3 days after order has been made and depends on your location.


– Can be pricey

– Not much rewards points and not all purchases are applicable for points

– Some single, albums, and DVDs are not immediately available online after single/album announcement

– You must be a member or at least have an account before you buy

– YesAsia is a Chinese company; therefore, all your orders will be imported to Hong Kong (from Japan) before it will be shipped at your location. Their website caters to most Asian customers and it can be viewed in different languages spoken around Asia.


Cheaper delivery rates and you may sometimes qualify for free delivery if you purchased equal or more than 39 USD.

You won’t be billed until your order has been shipped-out.

– Prices are in US Dollars with it’s conversion in your country’s currency

– You must be a member or at least have an account in CD Japan before you purchase

– YesAsia reports to Oricon Music Charts; thus, all you orders will be calculated in Oricon’s weekly charts.


– Tends to be more expensive due to import fees incurred despite the cheaper delivery rates

– Usually ships 2-5 days after purchase for express and 6-14 days for normal delivery depending on your location

– Prices are  in USD so pray that the USD conversion in your country is not that high

Other shops where you can purchase your products are in Tower Records Japan and Tsutaya. However, they don’t shipped internationally so they will only be convenient to those in Japan. In addition, both of their sites are only in Japanese.

Personally, CD Japan and YesAsia is the most convenient albeit the prices. As for “if this reports to Oricon“, CD Japan and YesAsia both claimed to report their sales to Oricon charts. However, it has been said that only local purchases and deliveries will be counted so I’m not too sure about the international shipments. HMV made no mention on their site if they report to Oricon but considering that HMV is a Japanese retailer, I assume that all orders made from HMV is also counted

So that concludes my short guide in buying online for Johnny’s International fans. Basically, this guide may also be helpful to other JPOP fandoms and even KPOP and CPOP fans since the sites mentioned caters to every fans. I hope it helps.




5 thoughts on “Johnny’s Products: Guide on Buying Online for International Fans

  1. I don’t like EMS, they only put my order in a bubble wrap unlike cdjapan where they put padding with your orders. Well, it has been more than a year since I ordered so I hope they have changed.


    • All of the sites mentioned are trusted and secured sites so they are safe. As for your credit card info, it would be safer if you do your orders on your own PC/laptop.


  2. Thank you for this article. I will be doing my first online order for bad boys J dvd and I think I’ll go with cdjapan since I want my order faster.


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