Rants & Raves : Countdown and Comeback

I’ve done nothing but procrastinate this past few days that I just want to hit myself on the head. But I can’t hit myself on the head because I’m too lazy to be able to do that. Oh well, nothing have really moved me with the events in JE fandom, just the usual stuff, though the death of Akio-san (from Tetsuwan DASH) is disheartening. He is like the 6th member of TOKIO and it was just sad.


Anyway, here is this week’s Rants and Raves…

  • Jin Akanishi is having a countdown to “Independence Day”. Based from his website, the countdown coincides with US Independence Day celebration

Rant : So he’s really trying to “conquer” US, huh? The independence day countdown is a wrong move though since Americans          will be too busy celebrating independence that whatever his announcement will be.

Rave: idk whatever Jin is up to but it certainly excites his “eternal” fans

  • Aside from Jin, Tanaka Koki hinted a comeback (single) through his twitter with a picture captioned, “Work, Work”.
(c) koki’s twitter

Rave : Go Koki! Make a rap or RnB single.

Rant : He looks like he’s just goofing to me.

  • Okura Tadayoshi owns 0.69% shares of stocks in his family owned Torikizoku. The tidbit was published after Torikizoku got listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Rant : Won’t he get sacked for this? I mean, Koki got axed for owning a bar, among other things.

Rave : I don’t think he’ll be sacked with only less than 1% in shares and it’s not like he is active with the company.

Rant : What with 0.69%? Does his father hates him or something?

Rave : 0.69% seems small in percentage but it’s actually 10,000 shares of stocks.

  • Yowakutemo Katemasu plunges to 7.4% in ratings over the weekend during AKB48’s Senbatsu

Rant : That’s expected aside from the drama is getting boring….

Rave : I do like YowaKate and the ratings plunge is expected since Senbatsu is a one-time annual event and it’s like a guilty pleasure even for non-AKB fans.

Rant : If they also televised WakuWaku Gakkou then we can see some real competition.

  • Busaiku’s CM  for Spiral drink 

すぱ☆いらるCM by taipi625f

Rant : I thought they were endorsing a deodorant, not a drink. I don’t get the “touch your armpit” thing.

Rave : Well, it was funny and I’m happy for the four of them to have their own CM


Rant : Totally unexpected for Sho to give his kouhai something so expensive.

Rave : I never thought that they were close or Sho is just that generous.

Rant : The watch looks too big though for Fuma.



2 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Countdown and Comeback

  1. “Independence Day” is also Jin´s birthday so maybe it´s related too ;).
    As for Okura´s shares, that percentage hints at something related to law issues but it´s just my assumption.
    Thanks for the update :D.


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