Yamapi’s “Kinyori Renai” to have a Spin-off series starring Abe Aran

What? Why? Are they running-out of other plot?

As reported,

It has been announced that Yamashita Tomohisa‘s upcoming movie, “Kinkyori Renai“, will have a spin-off series this summer on NTV. The drama is titled, “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~“, and will star Johnny’s Jrs. Abe Aran and Kishi Yuta.

In the movie where Yamashita plays the role of a tsundere high school teacher named Sakurai Haruka, the spin-off series will be about Sakurai Haruka’s high school life that will be played by Abe.

This is Abe’s first lead role though he had played bit parts in dramas like “49” and “SHARK~Season 2~“. Abe feels uneasy because of the pressure but he’s happy at the same time; Abe confessed looking-up to Yamapi’s cool demeanor which only adds to his anxiety. He also hoped that the audience will be able to understand more about Haruka’s character from his past.

Joining Abe and Kishi is actress Ishibashi Anna.

Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” will air this July 19th at 24:50 (JST).

via jnews1 and Sponichi Annex



13 thoughts on “Yamapi’s “Kinyori Renai” to have a Spin-off series starring Abe Aran

  1. Just when i just finished writing about Abe Aran… I see his name appearing in your post! I thought he was some unknown Johnnys Junior but it seems like he’s pretty famous himself? I wonder how Johnnys fans are reacting to this.


    • hm, he’s not unknow. he begin get attention when starring in Shark ss2 and later join ‘Jr’s star group’ with the boys like Genki, Jinguji. They’re very famous in Jr’s fan now. And after the info of first lead role and this ‘scandal’ he’s more popular

      I dont know about the others, but I’m ok with my boys dating! and with my opinion , this ‘scandal’ help him too much. He has new drama with lead role but still a newcomer and strange with the viewer, media. Thank Bunshun to help him promo the drama and himself!

      but I’m a fan of the girl too, and with female idol, this is very uneasy!


  2. I think this rumor point into the girl. I think Aran will be nothing, he dont smoking, drinking underage, so this ok!
    but with 48 group…. so bad for the girl

    HKT’fan also trans this, thank you, I hope both of them is ok


    • Thank you! I’ve already seen it on twitter. Don’t know if I’m gonna translate it since I’m quite busy now. It’s just surprising that he gets a new drama and this rumor just appeared.


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