Chinen Yuri in “Cho-Sankin” Movie Preview Event

Chinen remains looking youthful despite the bald cap…will he ever age? That aside, this movie looks funny (or I just want to see Chinen in a loincloth).

As reported,


Last June 11th, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Chinen Yuri attended the movie preview for “Chokousoku! Sankin Kotai” or better known as “Cho-sankin”.

The samurai comedy tells the story of poor and lesser daimyou (Sasaki Kuronosuke as Naito Masaatsu) who was ordered to do “sankin-kotai” within 5 days. “Sankin-kotai” is a practice back in Edo period wherein the daimyou is expected to visit the Shogun and they must live in the capital for several months. However, it will usually take 8 days for Naito and his clan to reach Edo; thus, with little money and resources, the clan will embark on a difficult journey to reach Edo in 5 days.

Chinen plays a kyudo master (archer) in the movie where he was praised for having a good arm by his instructor. Thus, he was invited that he can join the world of kyudo if he stopped succeeding in Johnny’s. Moreover, Chinen was also teased for having a “nice butt” since he worn a loincloth in the film.

Chokousoku! Sankin Kotai”  hits the theaters on June 21st.

via jnews1, Daily Sports, and Sanspo


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