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Fujii Ryusei’s Heroine for “Again!!” has been Determined

So the drama’s theme song will be a battle against Momoclo and JWest. XD As reported,


As earlier reported, Johnny’s WEST Fujii Ryusei will star in the live adaptation of the hit manga, “Again!!“. TBS announced that the drama’s heroine will be played by former Momoiro Clover Z‘s Akari Hayami.

In “Again!!”,  Imamura (Fujii) finds himself being transported 3 years ago at his freshman entrance ceremony. Imamura will try to re-do his life by joining the cheering squad lead by Usami Yoshiko (Akari).

Again!!” will start airing on July 22nd at TBS from 25:11~25:41 (JST) and at MBS on July 20th from 24:50~25:20 (JST).

via jnews1 and Hochi 



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