Matsumoto Jun’s “SHOWTIME!” and WakuWaku Gakkou 2014 to Singapore


Some recent Arashi news that I decided to collate, for your information…

As reported,

NTV announced that Arashi‘s Matsumoto Jun will again host “Sekai Ichi no SHOWTIMEgyara wo kimeru no wa anata ~” this June 23rd.

The show will follow the same format wherein performers from all over the world will gather to show-off their talents on stage in front of 300 audiences who will decide their fate.

Sekai Ichi no SHOWTIME ~gyara wkimeru no wa anata ~” will air this June 23rd at 21:00 (JST).

via jnews1 and ntv


After Shanghai, there will be public screening of Arashi‘s “WakuWaku Gakkou 2014” in Singapore. The public viewing will happen at Shaw Theaters Balestier (Hall 1) on June 29th at 16:00 (SST). Tickets cost SGD 50.00 and will be limited to two tickets per person. Tickets will start selling online on June 20th.

via jnews1




    1. It’s an annual Arashi event literally translated to “exciting school”….it’s actually over and they did a live screening in Shanghai from Tokyo, the one in Singapore is delayed screening. Yes, it is expensive since the one in Shanghai is equivalent to a live Arashi concert ticket


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