A.B.C.-Z Enthusiastic as “Virgin” Heroes

I can now see how funny and foolish this will be.

As reported,

Last June 18th, A.B.C.-Z attended the production announcement for their first TV Tokyo drama, “Maho★danshi cherizu” (Magical Boy Cherries).

As reported earlier, the 5-member group will play as virgin heroes who fights evil using magic. 60 fans attended the event and Totsuka Shota celebrates their virgin serial drama and likened virgins to an uncut stone. Tsukasa Ryoichi is inspired to dispel the negative image of being a virgin.

Moreover, the groups’ goal is to rampage the late night time-slot. Fumito Kawai said that they aim to be first place in late night slot, get double-digit ratings, and a possible movie hit.

Considering the drama’s late time-slot, the guys has nothing but admiration for people who stay-up late watching the World Cup. Speaking of World Cup, Hashimoto Ryosuke hopes that Japan’s Uchida (Atsuto) will make a goal on the first half of the game while Totsuka prays for a “5-0” win of Japan vs Greece on their game this June 20th.

Magical Boy Cherry’s” will air on June 21st at 2AM (JST).

via jnews1, Daily Sports, and Sanspo


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