Arashi Returns to Tohoku and Had an Outdoor Mini-Concert

They may not be doing “24 Hr TV” this year but that doesn’t stop the group to do this annual concert for the third consecutive year.

As reported,


It was reported that Arashi visited Japan’s Tohoku region as part of their “Arashi no Tohoku Mirai tabi” where they also visited various areas in the region. The said visit is part of the 11 hours live music program, “THE MUSIC DAY~Ongaku no Chikara~“, which will broadcast on July 12th. The group have previously visited the place as main personalities for last year’s “24 Hr TV“.

Aiba Masaki will challenge the role of a conductor for Sanriku Railway, an extremely popular tourist attraction. Satoshi Ohno will help a second generation family with their scallop fishery, the said family resumed their business right after the earthquake disaster. Ninomiya Kazunari revives “Ninomiya Kazunari’s Japan Investigation”, a special that he did for “24 Hr TV”. Matsumoto Jun will hold an “urgent class reunion” of the school brass band in Miyagi that he conducted. He is again set to command the brass band. Lastly, Sakurai Sho will also have a reunion where he will shed sweat in soccer as he plays with “Future Nadeshiko of JAPAN”.

In addition, the group had their first live mini-concert in Fukushima. The group had done mini-concert before in Iwate and Miyagi but it was the first time they dared to do it in Fukushima. Arashi sang 10 of their hit songs, including: “Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono” and “Dare mo shiranai”, and they shook hands with the audience afterward.

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