Morita Go to Star in “Midnight in Buenos Aires” Stage Play

At least he will be playing someone along his age group this time…

As reported,

It was announced that V6‘s Morita Go will star in the stage play, titled: “Buenosu Airesu gozen reiji (Midnight in Buenos Aires)”. 

Written by Shu Fujisawa, the book has won the Akutagawa Prize in 1998. “Midnight in Buenos Aires” tells the story of a man who works in a hotel resort. A group of dancers stayed at the place, which includes a senile old woman, and told him stories of her Argentinian lover. At the end of the woman’s story, the man began to recall his own memories of visiting a foreign prostitute.

Morita will play two roles; one as Kazama who works in the resort, and as Nicholas, the Argentinian man in the old woman’s story.

Midnight in Buenos Aires” will run from Nov 28th to Dec 21st at New National Theater in Tokyo and will continue at Osaka’s Theater BRAVA! from Dec 26th to 29th.

via jnews1 


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