Arashi Announces New Album + 5 Major Dome Tours

A big announcement during their WakuWaku Gakkou at Tokyo Dome.

As reported,

credits on pic

It was announced at the end of  Arashi‘s “WakuWaku Gakkou 2014” at Tokyo Dome that they will be releasing a new album this fall and will be doing 5 major dome tour.

The tour will start at Fukuoka on Nov 14th and will end at Tokyo Dome on Dec 23rd. The five major dome tour is expected to mobilize 845,000 people from 18 performances.

The rest of the tour dates, are:

Nov 14 to 16: Fukuoka Yahoo! Auctions
Nov 27 to 30 :  Kyocera Dome, Osaka
Dec 5 to 7 : Nagoya Dome
Dec 12 to 14 : Sapporo Dome
Dec 19 to 23 :  Tokyo Dome

For Arashi’s new album, further details are yet to be announced.

via jnews1 


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