Domoto Koichi’s Private Life

Well, this is news…Nakedness aside, you gotta admire Domoto’s showmanship skills.

As reported,

Last June 26th, KinKi Kids‘s Domoto Koichi appeared in the variety show, “Hapikuru“, where he revealed some tidbits on his private life.

Domoto developed incandescent performances for “Endless SHOCK” the musical where he revealed that he brought an oxygen capsule, which is placed in his dressing room. The capsule is used so he can recover quickly from fatigue so he can give the audience the “highest level of performance”.

At home, Domoto revealed that the first thing he do every morning is to turn-on his games switch. Domoto loves gaming where he previously said that he didn’t watch TV for 5 months. Due to this, he amassed 60,000 Yen/month in utility bills alone that he wants to ask if there is some kind of electricity theft going on.

In addition, Domoto shyly admits he likes to get basically naked in his house that it’s troubling when oil gets splashed on his body while cooking.

via Daily Sports and jnewsweb

I do know oxygen tanks so I’m quite confused with the oxygen capsule thing so I searched for it and I’m like, woah!


2 thoughts on “Domoto Koichi’s Private Life

    • I know he likes Final Fantasy and Resident Evil and that he plays online games, but I don’t know what he plays recently. Most of his game friends probably don’t know who they’re playing with, haha.


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