Kawai Fumito Loses Weight for “Faust” the Musical

Everyone seems keen to workout these days for their own stage play but they still look pretty skinny to me. I think most Johnny’s work-out to be thin not to be buff.

As reported,


Last June 26th, A.B.C-Z‘s Kawai Fumito and Goseki Koichi together with actress Mita Yoshihiko performed an open dress rehearsal for their triple-starring musical, “Faust“, at Tokyo’s AiiA Theater.

Kawai plays the role of a hero, who transforms to a handsome man from someone dull, with the aid of devil magic. To boost his confidence, Kawai followed a strict diet and did muscle workout for two months that resulted to squeezing his body two holes less with his belt. Kawai also joked about showing-off his body this summer since there’s no scene in the musical where he can show-off his new body.

In addition, Mita plays the role of the devil who signed a contract with the hero while Goseki plays the role of the devil Mita masquerading as a man. “Mita is usually frightful in a pretty way,” Goseki commented.

Faust~ai no kenshi tachi~” will run at Tokyo’s AiiA Theater until July 7th.

via Sanspo and Daily Sports


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