Kis-My-Ft2 Copying EXO’s Style?

I haven’t translated any rumor-worthy lately, every rumor seems lame and boring and I’m looking for something shocking. XD. Sorry, can’t help it. Anyway, this piece of rumor isn’t really shocking, just some fans making a big deal out of a so-called fashion that I won’t be caught wearing.

As reported,

[partial translation]

Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing their 3rd album- “Kis-My-Journey“- this July 2nd and a PV for “3.6.5“, one  of the tracklist from the album, was released. The song and album cover of “Kis-My-Journey” is garnering criticisms from some KPOP fans.


Back in May, a TV show dubbed Tamamori Yuta as a trendsetter for starting the  “black mask” thing. The show received some criticisms that the so-called trend didn’t start with Tamamori but has been present in Kpop world with the likes of BIG BANG and even in Japan with Sandaime J Soul Brothers.


Recently, the clothes and song title of Kis-My-Ft2 is being criticized for their similarities in style with KPOP group EXO. The group EXO released a song titled “3.6.5” for their first album and the bandana underskirt fashion is also something that EXO is known for.


However, the “bandana underskirt” has been in fashion among Johnny’s even back during their Junior days. Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Inoo Kei wore something similar during the group’s concert in Tokyo Dome last May and Johnny’s WEST  Kamiyama Tomohiro was also spotted wearing it during a public performance.

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Despite the criticisms- fashion-wise- that Kis-My-Ft2 is getting, the red and black bandanas worn by the group had been sold-out from MYE-DO where the bandanas were sold.

via Cyzowoman

I’m sure that Kisumai didn’t copy anyone else’s style because I doubt that they have a say on what to wear for PVs and live performances. Also, the bandana thingy has been going-on since 1980s and had evolved ever since.


20 thoughts on “Kis-My-Ft2 Copying EXO’s Style?

  1. Oh! I remember that during KAT-TUN’s 2007 Cartoon Kat-tun II concert , wherein Kisumai has backed-up Nakamaru’s perf, they have handkerchief on their waist as one of their costume accessories while dancing in roller blades. So this has been their fashion since 2007..


  2. Fashion aside, are we not going to mention how kis my ft2’s song has the same title as EXO’s song “3.6.5”? Not even “365” but separated exactly like EXO’s title


  3. Oh, for the love of god, no one should pay attention to the young, crazy and noisy fandom of Exo. Since I love both Exo and Kisumai I’m thoroughly sure this is utter nonsense. Even I can think of old videos from Johnny’s artists wearing this sort of clothing. It’s just that their stylists often lack the talent to let their looks really look like high fashion. There is a fine line between bold hip hop style and… Gipsy look? xD Still, as I said, I like both groups, and both styles and would kill to work for one of these groups.
    Kisumais’ fashion has still room for improvement, but I’ve seen worse.
    And yeah, let the Exo fans talk, if they were making the rules the next solar eclipse would be a copy of Exo’s teaser videos 😉
    Thanks for sharing this ^_^


  4. Ahemmm…I’ve been absent from here for quiet a long time…just got the chance to take a visit here…Hisashiburi minna. it’s good to be back 🙂

    And the first thing that has met me was this rumor…EXO fans claiming that Kisumai copied their fashion from EXO? I may not like KPop but EXO for me is an exemption. They are the only Kpop group that really got my attention and whoever is/are this/these fan/s who make a big deal out of this fashion really put EXO into some kind of unpleasant publicity. They have not only shamed themselves but also EXO for this biased claim. This fashion has long been parading in the public’s eye for more than a decade already. And it’s not as if it’s EXO’s signature fashion or Kisumai or any artist. Long before I’ve seen this on any Jpop or Kpop group, I have already seen it on Philippine TV being showed off by more than 1 performing group and even boy group in schools or in streets. So giving out a statement like this one is just stupidity. This kind of fans no nothing but to exclaimed nonsense just to be noticed.

    So the better way to response to this is just ignore it. I’ve seen Kisumai’s PV and they looked awesome. Ganbatte ne, Kisumai shonen-tachi 🙂


    • Konnichiwa Mikuchin…Ohisahiburi..hehehe..

      I was so busy with work and other stuffs…i miss posting here..there’s so much happening in Jpop world now a days too…

      Especially to our beloved KAT-TUN…:)


    • yah…it will be kinda sad but i’m happy for them coz despite all those chaotic events that they have been through, they’re still able to make it. Standing still and firm and moving on. they were strong. this made me love them more. And for their 8th album to top oricon charts, they’re so awesome. a history, a record that will forever be carved in Japanese music history. I so love these boys…<3


    • I agree with you, I don’t what is the big deal with exo…btw, I’m neither kpop nor jpop fan, I’m more of Jrock fan but I love watching johnnys dramas.


  5. this is lol. The thing about most kpop fans is that they think everything is started by their idols. like, duh. The world is round people!


  6. Have you seen the dating scandal for Yabu Kota? I was thinking maybe you’d report it but in the end i did…

    Anyway, i’ve also seen that underskirt fashion from Kame/Yamapi’s Shuji to Akira days…and it doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.


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