Production Announcement for “Suikyu Yankees”

Yuto is blond and I just learned that those trunks are referred as “boomerang”…

As reported,


Last July 6th, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto and Takaki Yuya attended the production announcement for their upcoming drama, “Suikyu Yankees” (Water Polo Yankees), which will air this July 12th. Also in attendance are the gorgeous male cast, which includes: Yamazaki Kento, Chiba Yudai, Mamiya Shotaro, Nakagawa Taishi, Yoshikawa Ryo, and Yamoto Yuma.

This is Nakajima’s first lead drama that tells the story of the student returnee longing to be a yankee and got involved with water polo. “I think that a drama that crosses-over water polo and yankee is new. Also, I never had this hair (=blond) before so it was a challenge as well as the swimsuits,” Nakajima commented.

Nakajima, et al. originally appeared wearing their school uniforms costume but got buoyed by their  female fans to stripped to their boomerang-shaped trunks. The fans weren’t disappointed as the guys showed-up wearing only their swimming trunks for the photo session.

Suikyu Yankees” will air this July 12th at 11:10 PM (JST).

Nikkan Sports and Model Press



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