[Drama Preview] Sequels, Prequel, and New Ones this Summer 2014

Johnny’s drama land is seasoned with sequels this Summer 2014 with dashes of new ones and even a prequel. Sequels tries to emulate the success of their predecessors, prequels tries to give a much-needed push for the original, and the new ones tries to make their own success.

Here is a short preview of dramas that you must not miss this summer.

[All dramas included only stars Johnny’s in lead role]

The Sequels


Starring : Kimura Takuya (SMAP), Kitagawa Keiko, Sugimoto Tetta, Hamada Gaku, Masana Bokuzo, Yoshida Yo, Tanaka Yoji, Katsuya, Matsushige Yutaka, Yashima Norito, Kohinata Fumiyo, Kadono Takuzo

The gist : Kiryuu Kohei (Kimura) is back in Josai branch of Tokyo’s Public Prosecutor Office and he gets a new assistant, Asagi Chika (Kitagawa Keiko).

What to expect : Expect this to be a bit  different because of a new female lead and new Josai branch head. Though it might keep some of the moments we love from the 1st season since Fukuda Yasushi will still be the scriptwriter. While it is impossible for it to earn the 30%+ ratings it earned back then, I just hope that it won’t flop.

Random flail : I have a soft spot for KimuTaku, his past dramas pulled me to dorama world, so despite all the bashing this dramas is getting I’m hoping for its success.

Nobunaga no Chef 2

Starring : Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2), Oikawa Mitsuhiro, Shida Mirai, Gori, Ashina Sei, Ichikawa Sarunosuke, Cunning Takeyama, Kitaro, Masana Bokuzo, Inagaki Goro (SMAP), Sasaki Nozomi, Takashima Masanobu, Saito Yuki, Sasano Takashi, David Ito

The gist : “Warring State” cuisine is back with chef Ken (Tamamori) showing-off some Heisei era masterpieces as Nobunaga’s personal chef. To add conflict, two new characters will appear: warlord Takeda Shingen and Nobunaga’s wife Nouhime.

What to expect : The move to Golden time will be their biggest hurdle since the late-night time slot did well for this drama’s 1st season. Compared to late night, “Nobunaga no Chef 2” will be up with various programs airing on Golden time so it’ll be a feat on how good this will be, rating-wise. Ratings aside, the drama will still have Fukusawa Masaki as the writer though Nobunaga is different from all the detective/police dramas he has done. Nonetheless, if the writer chose to be faithful to the manga then this drama will be just as good.

Random flail : Ken and Natsu, Natsu and Ken….that’s all I’m waiting for this drama. Give me some love developments!

Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo N (Neo) 

Starring : Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP), Arioka Daiki (Hey!Say!JUMP), Kawaguchi Haruna, Asari Yosuke, Okamoto Azusa, Hagiwara Riku, Kojima Ayame, Yamaguchi Tomomitsu

The gist : Kindaichi Hajime is back to solve variety of cases with the help of his childhood friend Miyuki, classmate Ryuji, and members of mystery research club.

What to expect : After a successful run of two SPs for the past two years, the production chose to cut some budget and have them stay in Japan this time. A new scriptwriter for this drama, Takahashi Yuya, is not new in writing detective/police dramas after having done “Aibou 10”, “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri”, and “Perfect Blue” so I hope that the cases will be exciting enough for me to watch the entire season.

Random flail : I’m sorry Miyuki but I’m just looking forward to some bromance between Kindaichi and Ryuji. XD

Hissatsu Shigotonin 2014 SP

Starring : Higashiyama Noriyuki, Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO), Chinen Yuri (Hey!Say!JUMP), Wakui Emi, Takahashi Hideki, Nameda Katsuhisa, Taguchi Hiromasa, Nogiwa Yoko, Nakagoshi Norioko

The gist : The band of assassins are back with a new recruit.

What to expect : Another SP for Hissatsu and with a new character, I’m hoping that writer Terada Toshio will be able to play with it.

Random flail : Bald Chinen is still good-looking and give him sword fights.

 Keishicho Sosa Ikka 9 Gakari

Starring : Watase Tsunehiko, Inohara Yoshihiko (V6), Hada Michiko, Tsuda Kanji, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Taguchi Hiromasa, Hara Sachie, Nakagoshi Noriko

The gist : The members of  First Investigative Division’s Ninth Section are back to solve cases despite their differences.

What to expect : This is 9th season, surely, you know what to expect.

The Prequel [spin-off]

Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~

Starring : Abe Aran (Johnny’s Jr.), Kishi Yuta (Johnny’s Jr.), Ishibashi Anna, Adachi Rika

The gist : Sakurai Haruka (Abe) has always been friends with Mirei (Ishibashi) and Kanata (Kishi) until Haruka’s stepsister, Ririko (Adachi), returns. Ririko has feelings for her stepbrother and tries to push it to him while Mirei always had feelings for Sakurai and Kanata had always liked Mirei. What will happen with their friendship now?

What to expect : This prequel can be a boon of bane for Yamapi‘s upcoming movie, “Kinkyori Renai”. The producers wanted the audience to understand Sakurai’s personality so they did this prequel but it all boils down whether this drama will be good or bad. If Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~ is good, then expect the audience to follow this until the movie; however, if this is bad, then it will make a bad impression for the movie. Nonetheless, considering this drama’s super late time slot, I doubt the movie will be that affected by the reviews of this drama.

Random flail : Juniors getting an exposure is always good but I really can’t make what Johnny is thinking because its like he’s just randomly giving-out projects.

The New Ones

Suikyu Yankees 

Starring : Nakajima Yuto (Hey!Say!JUMP), Yamazaki Kento, Takaki Yuya (Hey!Say!JUMP), Ohara Sakurako, Chiba Yudai, Mamiya Shotaro, Nakagawa Taishi, Yoshizawa Ryo, Yamoto Yuma, Shinkawa Yua, Kakei Miwako, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Omasa Aya, Sano Hinako, Ikezu Shoko, Minagawa Sarutoki, Kurashina Kana, Kitamura Yukiya, Morimoto Leo, Yokoyama Yuu (Kanjani8)

The gist : Inaba Naoya (Nakajima) returns to Japan with hopes of living his yankee dreams but ended-up getting involved in water polo after losing to rival school’s Kitajima Torao (Takaki), and vows to defeat him.

What to expect : This is like this decade’s Water Boys with boys strutting in their “boomerang trunks”. I’m expecting humor and sports action in this boys-filled drama and despite the yankee in the title, less useless fighting please.

Random flail : Blond Yuto and Yoko and lots of bromances.


Starring : Fujii Ryusei (Johnny’s WEST), Hayami Akari, Kamiyama Tomohiro (Johnny’s WEST), Kusumi Koharu, Okano Maya, Okayasu Tabito, Miyazato Shun, Hamano Kenta, Tsutsumishita Atsushi

The gist : A second chance for Imamura Kinichiro, whose delinquent-esque looks have prevented him from making friends, and was transported back in time to his freshman year to join the school’s cheering squad and relieved his high school life.

What to expect : The original manga is a huge-seller and I hope that they will be more faithful to the manga.

Magical Boy Cherry’s

Starring : (A.B.C-Z) Hashimoto RyosukeTotsuka ShotaFumito KawaiGoseki KoichiTsukada Ryoichi; Fumika Shimizu

The gist : These 5 virgins are out to save the world with their acrobatic skills and magical powers but they have to keep their virginity intact.

What to expect : As a super sentai parody, I’m expecting lots of laughs.

Random flail : Do we get to see them almost naked? XD

In a nutshell, I might watch almost everything listed here but for those that I will watch from first to last episode, that will be Nobunaga no Chef, Kindaichi, and Suikyu Yankees. That concludes my Drama Preview for Summer 2014.

For complete list of dramas starring Johnny’s in lead or supporting role, click HERE.


One thought on “[Drama Preview] Sequels, Prequel, and New Ones this Summer 2014

  1. I am so waiting for these dramas..all of them were already in my To-Watch list.

    But I am more excited for KINDAICHI SHONEN..been a fan since Domoto Tsuyoshi’s generation. So I will never miss this one..

    And I’ve seen some interesting series also. I would love to check-out Magical Boys Cherry since I am an avid fan of Sentai and Kamen Rider Series. I bet it will be fun to watch these boys. 🙂


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