Wedding Bells for Kokubun Taichi?

This rumor has been going around since 2012 but it could be real this time. Hopefully!

As reported,

(c)wandalabee |  Nagase’s gonna be heartbroken.

Saizo Woman reported that TOKIO‘s Kokubun Taichi and former TBS employee Kashihara Ai are finally ready to tie the knot. Kokubun have already gone to Kashihara’s parents for matrimonial greeting and they are set to register their marriage this summer.

This marriage should have happened last 2012 if it wasn’t for Jin Akanishi‘s surprise marriage to Kuroki Meisa. Rumor has it that Johnny’s has a rule within the agency that only one talent can get married within a year. Thus, Kokubun marriage has to be delayed and it was only recently when the agency gave the “GO” signal and even went to Kashihara’s parents for another formal greeting.

Kokubun is the MC for “Ippuku!“, one of the so-called “housewives” programs, and the marriage news might bring more ratings for the show. Hopefully, Kokubun can step-up from a good young man to a devoted husband character.

Waiting for good news this summer.

via Johnny’s-Watcher and Rakuten Woman

It’s already Summer FYI so let’s see if it will happen.




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