First National Tour for KAT-TUN as Four Members

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Cheers to KAT-TUN and cheers to hyphens!

As reported,

On July 8th, KAT-TUN kicks-off their “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2014 come Here” at Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi. The group did a press interview before they went onstage where performing at Tokyo International Forum is like re-starting their memories.

Kamenashi Kazuya is particularly elated since this is the first time that the group gets to performed at International Forum after 12 years. Back in 2002, 550,000 fans tried to get tickets for their concert at the said venue.

“It feels tense to face the audience at this distance, but it also makes me determined,” Kamenashi commented. Ueda Tatsuya also feels uneasy, “but doing first tour here is impressive, I’ll make this a day to remember”. Junno Taguchi hopes that the distance between them and the hyphens (=fan) will be closer, and Nakamaru Yuichi feels emotional because it’s like returning to starting point that it evokes a sense of recklessness.

Moreover, this will be KAT-TUN’s first tour after two years and three months. Kamenashi said that the tour may not have been possible if it wasn’t for the voice of the fans. Thus, their latest album and tour is titled – come Here – to show the closeness of their relationship with their fans. “H” is in capital to signify their 8th* original album, in which “H” also happens to be the 8th letter in the English alphabet, and “H” also stands for hyphens.

5,000 fans joined KAT-TUN in International Forum and they will have 22 more performances in 10 locations for this tour.

via Sanspo, news24 and Nikkan Sports

*If you add -kusabi- (a mini album), come Here is indeed their 8th album. Speaking of 8, is this also the reason why they started their tour on July 8th?


4 thoughts on “First National Tour for KAT-TUN as Four Members

  1. they’re starting over again…after everything that they’ve been through, I am so happy that they have pulled it off well, being 4Nin KAT-TUN…this is a “NEW BEGINNING” for them. And i’m sure, there will be a lot of wonderful things coming their way. Whether as a GROUP or as an INDIVIDUAL. You just can’t let go of these guys. They have a special way of sneaking into the life of those who come to cross their way. And before you know it, you are already loving them.

    I have nothing in my heart but lots of love for them ❤ ❤ ❤

    Ganbatte KAT-TUN…

    Omedetto for the concerts and the success of IN FACT single and COME HERE album.

    {Can't keep emotions from flowing when it comes to these boys. ❤ }

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