PLAYZONE’s Last Show at Aoyama Theater

Thank you Aoyama Theater…!

As reported,


Last June 6th, Tackey& Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa chaired “PLAYZONE 1986…..2014~Thank you! Aoyama Theater” that was held in the same theater at Jingumae Tokyo. The work premiered in 1986 as Shonentai‘s starring stage; hence, PLAYZONE was staged every summer at Aoyama Theater and with the theater’s closing at the end of March next year, this will be the last show at the same theater.

Imai received the baton last 2010 to expand the stage together with Nakayama Yuma and Yara Tomoyuki. They did a medley of 24 songs including Shonentai’s “Kimi dake ni”. Imai, who performed onstage with a body fat ratio of 7% commented, “Although I’m lonely, I would like to return the favor to all fans of all generations who continued to support us with kindness for the past 29 years.”

Sakamoto Masayuki, Domoto Koichi, and Hey!Say!JUMP members also attended the show’s premier. Higashiyama Noriyuki also arrived with a Dom Perignon and choreographer Travis Payne celebrated his 43rd birthday.

PLAYZONE 1986…..2014” will run until Aug 9th, which will be the 1208th performance since it premiered and is expected to mobilize 1,708,650.

via Nikkan Sports and Sanspo



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