Production Announcement for “24 Hr TV 37~Love Saves the Earth~”


They did this presscon yet there’s no news on who will be doing the drama…

As reported,

Last July 7th, a production announcement for the participants of “24 Hr TV 37~Love Save the Earth~” happened at Tokyo’s Shiodome.

This year’s main personality will be Kanjani8 with the theme, “Chisana Kiseki, Okina Kiseki” (Small Miracle, Big Miracle). This is Kanjani8’s second time to host 24 Hr TV. Actress Anne will be the charity’s main personality, Hattori Shinichi and Mizuboku Asami as general MCs, and Tokumitsu Kazuo as a supporter. All of them are wearing chari-t-shirts designed by Yoshitaka Amano. In addition with the usual t-shirts color, a black one is added to make it  easier for men to wear.

Kanjani8 also shared their thought about this year’s theme, kiseki (miracle). “I want to send miracles to everyone through 24 Hr TV,” (Murakami Shingo); “I see more miracle in the future as standing here is already a miracle,” (Nishikido Ryo); “Miracle left by various miracle through 24 Hr TV are positive. I would like to find some miracle and to share with you this time,” (Maruyama Ryuhei) ; “I’m thankful that we are alive and that is a small miracle every day,” (Yasuda Shota) ; “I’m here because of small miracle from inspiring people around, I want to inspire a bright and cheerful Japan”(Tadayoshi Okura) ; “It’s like bright, fun, interesting, and cherish feeling of Kanjani8,” (Shibutani Subaru); “The first time was tense this second time around, we hope to get closer to you,” (Yokoyama Yuu).

TOKIO‘s Joshima Shigeru is also present as this year’s charity marathon runner. When Yasuda Shota asked him what he wanted as a prize, Joshima said that he only wanted to see Kanjani8’s smiling faces.

Actress Anne is this year’s charity personality. She shared that this will be her first time to work for 24 hours and she’ll try her best not to feel sleepy since she has an important role in the program. She also asks the help of Kanjani8 since this will be the group’s second time to take part in 24 Hr TV.

24 Hr TV 37~Love Save the Earth~” will air this Aug 30th-31st on NTV.

via News24, Sanspo, and Ameba 



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